WWC 3"x3"x9" Scented Square Candle Pillar

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Scent/Label Options WWC
African Amber / Amorous Amber Label
Refresh. Desert Rain / Romantic Rainfall Label
Desert Mist / Steamy Desert Mist Label
Clean Linen / Lets Cuddle Cotton Label
Kumquat / Kinky Kumquat Label
Zesty Pineapple / Pucker Up Pineapple Label
Banana / Wham Bam Banana Label
New England Cranberry / Cravin Cranberry Label
Strawberry / Sensual Strawberry Label
Chocolate / Chocolate Kisses Label
Simply Vanilla / VaVa Voom Vanilla Label
Coffee / Excite Me Espresso Label
Cinnamon / Sizzling Cinnamon Label
Hot Apple Pie / Hot & Heavy Apple Pie Label
Fresh Cut Lavender / Lovey Dovey Lavender label
Orange Blossom / Arousing Orange Blossom Label
Tea Rose / Risque Rose Label
Fresh Cut Christmas Tree / Provocative Pine Label
Sweet Gardenia / Giddy Gardenia Label
Sweet Pomegranate / Pouty Pomegranate Label
Lemongrass / Luscious Lemongrass Label
Freesia / Frisky Freesia Label
Wild Berry / Juicy Wild Berry Label
Cucumber/Cantaloupe / Kissable Cucumber Cantaloupe Label
Cookie Jar / Tempting Cookie Jar Label
Herbal Bouquet / Bodacious Bouquet Label
White Sands / Whisper Lable
Lavender Vanilla / Pillow Talk Label
Tropical Mango / Tipsy Tropical Mango Label
Plum / Promiscuous Plum
Leather / Leather & Lace
Sugar Cookie / Sugar My Cookie
Blue Lilly / Lovestruck Lily
Patchouli / Passionate Patchouli
Eucalyptus / Enchanting Eucalyptus
Pumpkin Spice / Pleasing Pumpkin Spice
Almond Pecan / Alluring Almond Pecan
Our pillar candles are hand poured with an old fashioned frosted finish. The basic unscented candles come in an ivory color while all other scents come in their represented color(s).
  • * In an effort to give you the highest quality and freshest smelling candle, one that has not been sitting on a shelf for months, we make most of our candles at the time of order. This extends our shipping time, but we believe it gives you the finest enjoyment of our candle products. Selections of our most popular scents are kept in limited inventory. If ordered exclusively, those items ship in 2-3 business days, otherwise candles ship on average in 10 business days.