Standard Glass Candle Inserts - Set of 6
Standard Glass Candle Inserts - Set of 6

Standard Glass Candle Inserts - Set of 6

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Scent/Label Options WWC
African Amber / Amorous Amber Label
Refresh. Desert Rain / Romantic Rainfall Label
Desert Mist / Steamy Desert Mist Label
Clean Linen / Lets Cuddle Cotton Label
Kumquat / Kinky Kumquat Label
Zesty Pineapple / Pucker Up Pineapple Label
Banana / Wham Bam Banana Label
New England Cranberry / Cravin Cranberry Label
Strawberry / Sensual Strawberry Label
Chocolate / Chocolate Kisses Label
Simply Vanilla / VaVa Voom Vanilla Label
Coffee / Excite Me Espresso Label
Cinnamon / Sizzling Cinnamon Label
Hot Apple Pie / Hot & Heavy Apple Pie Label
Fresh Cut Lavender / Lovey Dovey Lavender label
Orange Blossom / Arousing Orange Blossom Label
Tea Rose / Risque Rose Label
Fresh Cut Christmas Tree / Provocative Pine Label
Sweet Gardenia / Giddy Gardenia Label
Sweet Pomegranate / Pouty Pomegranate Label
Lemongrass / Luscious Lemongrass Label
Freesia / Frisky Freesia Label
Wild Berry / Juicy Wild Berry Label
Cucumber/Cantaloupe / Kissable Cucumber Cantaloupe Label
Cookie Jar / Tempting Cookie Jar Label
Herbal Bouquet / Bodacious Bouquet Label
White Sands / Whisper Lable
Lavender Vanilla / Pillow Talk Label
Tropical Mango / Tipsy Tropical Mango Label
Plum / Promiscuous Plum
Leather / Leather & Lace
Sugar Cookie / Sugar My Cookie
Blue Lilly / Lovestruck Lily
Patchouli / Passionate Patchouli
Eucalyptus / Enchanting Eucalyptus
Pumpkin Spice / Pleasing Pumpkin Spice
Almond Pecan / Alluring Almond Pecan

Pick from a selection of scents to fill your standard glass votives. Set of 6